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Underscore InOut

Designer | iGuzzini

Brand | iGuzzini

Underscore InOut is a solution that liberates light and turns it into an artist's brushstroke that outlines, highlights and even colours outdoor architecture with a palette of RGB tones. Facades of any size or shape become exquisite canvases, and special details and features communicate with light.

Underscore InOut has been patented to guarantee its correct operation even at extreme temperatures. The device's high-performance polymer material is the result of intense laboratory research and testing, and is extremely resistant to both thermal stress and external agents, such as UV rays. This guarantees constant long-term LED performance in terms of both efficiency and colour temperature. 

Underscore InOut includes a Top Bend version, with a 16mm wide emission surface, and Side Bend versions, with 3 available widths: 6mm 10mm and 16mm.

Continuous uniformity, even at close distances. Maximum uniformity and for infinite continuous lines of light. The connectors are separate from the profile meeting points and guarantee no dark areas, even at a distance of one meter.


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