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Laser Blade XS

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Designer | iGuzzini

Brand | iGuzzini

The Blade is more than a product, more than innovation, more than a luminaire. It's a declaration of beauty. The Blade demonstrates the need to discover another world, it interprets the age-old requirement of illuminating architecture from architecture itself. The Blade cuts through ceilings and disappears into grooves just 28mm wide to perform a trick of light: architecture that opens to illuminate itself. The Blade is a masterpiece of precision, nano technology capable of transforming a small invisible Led into a powerful and uniform circle of light.

Miniaturisation is not just a question of manufacturing ability. We have encapsulated optical mastery and innovative know-how in just 18 mm. The light is aimed and maximised by a micro optical assembly that uses our patented Opti Beam technology. Every component and every detail is part of a sosphisticated mechanism that is adjusted in-house by our team of designers who boast the same care and calm as master watchmakers.


  • Flush mount installation in false ceilings with 12.5 – 15 – 20 mm thickness for Minimal versions (without perimeter rim) or from 1 to 25 mm thickness for Frame versions (with rim) using torsion springs.
  • Main body with radiant surface in die-cast aluminium.
  • High definition optics in metallized thermoplastic, built into the innovative black anti-glare screen that defines emission with controlled luminance UGR<10 (for medium and flood UGR<10, for wide flood UGR<19).
  • Tunable White versions are available (2700K ÷ 5700K).
  • The special configuration of the optical system delivers a precise circular distribution without punctiform effect.
  • High visual comfort.
  • Installation without tools.
  • The minimum sizes of the installation compartment are displayed in the instructions sheet available on the online catalogue.
  • IP20
  • IP23 for visible body of fitting after installation.









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