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Origin: Australia

Unios believe in light as an extension of every surface, every structure – enriching everyday experiences through light. By blending precise design and engineering, they bring light to life in all its diversity. As agile makers of light, they shape and build luminaires that blend aesthetics and technology. Unios luminaires help define and accentuate the environments we live and work in; now and in the future.


Origin: Italy

Exenia is a young Florentine brand in the professional lighting sector, specialised in the production of LED lighting fixtures for indoor use, suitable for all types of installations from residential to commercial, from museums to showrooms.


Origins: Melbourne, Australia

From its inception in 1990, Efficient Lighting Systems has specialised in the manufacture and distribution of architectural commercial lighting products. ELS assists professional designers, engineers and architects with a broad range of high quality Australian made and imported lighting products for the commercial construction industry.


Origin: Recanati, Italy

iGuzzini was established in 1958 and produces indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. It is the Italian leader in architectural lighting and ranks amongst the leading architectural lighting companies in Europe.


Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Ligman is specialised in designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and distributing comprehensive lines of outdoor luminaires for domestic use and export to many countries in the region of Asia Pacific, as well as the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and Europe.


Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Limelite was registered as a business in 1996 when Paul Hearne started consulting for House of Light Victoria.

In 2002 Limelite saw an opportunity to develop a range of Luminaries which were missing from other lighting ranges for the Architectural industry.


Mondoluce's vision is to provide quality, reliability and value through our products and services. The products we offer are at the forefront of global design, innovation and manufacture. The seamless transition of service provision throughout the various stages of our supply process is a key feature of our business.


Origin: Roma, Italy

"Slamp is a pure design company which moves as fast as light". Slamp entered into the lighting design market in 1994, changing the moment of the usual meditated and programmed furnishing sector into an impulsive and un-programmed one.